Maastricht University (UM)

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The Language Centre of Maastricht University provides language training and support courses for the university community and the external market. The Language Centre is divided into two sections: (1) Dutch and Modern Foreign Languages, which provides language courses in Dutch and 15 modern languages (e.g. German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic). (2) English, which provides language and advanced training especially in courses that are integrated in Faculty programmes, and thus are variants of integrated content and language programmes (ICLHE (CLIL)). The English section also provides support and training for staff in English-medium instruction in Faculties and also to other institutions. The Language Centre is a member of CERCLES and NUT, and works with several other universities both in the Netherlands and abroad.

(The role of the organisation in the project.)

The Language Centre will deliver its expertise in the field of English-medium instruction, particularly in WP4 of the proposed project. This expertise comprises, among other things, integrated content and language learning in higher education (ICLHE (CLIL)), design knowledge, processes and techniques that assist the development of content-related language during content courses, as well as advice on developing staff competences for teaching through English. UM will contribute actively to all areas of the ECOSTAR project and participate in all project meetings and activities.

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