The Technical University of Cluj Napoca (TUC-N)

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The Technical University of Cluj Napoca caters for the education of around 20,000 engineering and other speciality students in North-eastern Transylvania. The Department of Modern Languages and Communication offers language classes to engineering students enrolled in nine faculties. English for specific purposes and English for academic purposes are the main curricular areas. The Department has designed and implemented its own language curriculum and syllabi, contributing with in-house produced and tested teaching and evaluation materials. The staff members and managers are committed to high quality standards in Languages for Specific Purposes teaching, research in LSP and andragogy, instructional design for adult language learning, complying with national and EU regulations and pursuing objectives of continuous improvement, with a view of equipping engineering students with language skills required on the European and international labour market.

(The role of the organisation in the project.)

The Department of Modern Languages and Communication will contribute with expertise and its own relevant experience in ESP and EAP teaching and learning, curriculum design and evaluation. DMLC will be involved in activities pertaining to both project development and implementation from work package WP1, WP2, WP 4, WP6 and WP7. The current methodology in instructional design and in curriculum development and implementation that underlies teaching and testing practices in the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca will be a source of knowledge in the project and can be a stepping stone in developing the framework for teaching and assessing EFL/ESP and EAP in higher education in Israel. DMLC also hopes to learn from this partnership and to diversify its educational services by introducing online teaching activities and materials. DLMC will also contribute to dissemination of project results and thus ensure sustainability of project.

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