Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya - IDC

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The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya is Israel's first privately funded fully-accredited institution of higher education with a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Since its founding in 1994,  IDC has been at the forefront of constitutional and governmental reconstruction, economic growth, re-evaluation of Israel's strategy and polices of foreign relations, as well as the country's social and moral agenda.  IDC is unique in its research and educational methods which are based on an interdisciplinary approach, combining information technology and global markets. IDC combines theory with real world experience providing its students with skills of the highest level. Rooted in the twin concepts of individual freedom and responsibility, IDC emphasizes student's entrepreneurship and leadership alongside strong commitment to community service. Faculty members engage in many research projects on a wide-range of topics, supported by local and international sponsors.

The role of the organisation in the project.

IDC will lead work package 2 in developing, teaching, assessing and adapting EFL learning packages according to the new framework developed in work package 1. IDC will contribute to the reform and modernisation of tertiary level EFL in Israel and will actively participate in developing the national framework adapted from the CEFR, developing interactive online activities and materials, supporting the teacher-training seminars, developing the framework for English-medium instruction, teaching the English Medium content course, and developing  support services for students and lecturers. In addition, IDC will contribute to quality control and dissemination of the project. IDC will collaborate with all Israeli and European partners and will utilise experience gained from the TEMPUS-EFA project.

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