Shamoon College of Engineering (SCE)

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The Shamoon College of Engineering (SCE) was inaugurated in 1995 with the approval of the Council for Higher Education. Located in the southern periphery, SCE is now the largest engineering college in the country. Most of the students come from this area as well as from low socioeconomic and ethnically disadvantaged groups (10% Arabs, 40% new immigrants). Studies are focused in 6 departments: mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, industrial management, civil engineering, and software engineering. SCE prides itself on excellence in teaching, towards SCE's goal of creating an environment of top- notch scientific development and innovation. SCE exposes its students, engineers of the future, to the latest scientific advancements, and develops its students as future entrepreneurs and leaders in Israel and abroad. SCE is the coordinator of Tempus EFA (2010) English For All in Academia (Tempus IV - 3rd Call).

(The role of the organisation in the project. )

SCE will share its expertise gained as coordinator of the Tempus EFA project and will contribute to the quality plan and to overall management of the Ecostar project. SCE will lead the dissemination, exploitation and sustainability aspects of the project (WP7 and WP8); the EFL department at SCE will actively participate in activities leading towards the creation of a new EFL and EMI framework and EFL and EMI learning packages; SCE will participate in the teacher training workshops and will pilot the new courses and materials; SCE will also be an active partner in all consortium meetings. 


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